9 Ways to look slim, fit and amazing in your clothes


1. Choose your clothes wisely
Before choosing your clothes, know your body shape first. Plan and make smart choices with your wardrobe. Make sure that every dress in your closet fits you the best. Make sure your sleeves fit exactly at your wrist. Choose undergarments that are fit and comfortable for you. Make sure your jeans and trousers are not too cropped and fit exactly.

2. Don’t wear tight clothes
Tight clothes will not make you look slim. There is a difference between wearing tight clothes and fit clothes. Wear t-shirts, pants, trousers, and sleeves that fit loosely on your skin. Also, avoid chunky clothes that make you look bulkier.

3. Wear clothes with vertical stripes
Vertical stripes make you look longer. Try wearing one and see how you look in it. Choosing dark clothes with vertical stripes also helps you look slimmer and fit. Wear matching clothes with same coloured tops and bottoms.

4. Does it come in black?
That’s right, stay in the black. Black clothes look great. Black and other dark clothes create an illusion that makes you appear slim. By wearing black from head to toe, your body will look longer and slimmer.

5. Wear a belt to fit your clothes
You don’t have to wear belt tightly to hold your belly. Wa ear belt to make your pants and sleeves fit exactly at your waist. Tuck in or don’t tuck depending on your dress type.

6. Choose right accessories
Even your accessories plays a part in making you look slim. Always stay light. Don’t carry extra items in your pockets or bags. Choose your bags, back packs and hand bags properly. Having round bags will make you look fat, so buy bags that are rectangular for a slender style. Wearing dark shades and larger eye wear will make your face look smaller.

7. Choose better shoes
Wearing high heels and shoes increases your height which makes you look thinner. Buy neat foot wear that adds some lift to your body.

8. Always practice a good posture
Always sit, stand and sleep in a good posture. Do exercises that improve your posture. Having a good posture will make you look slim in clothes and may even add to your height.

9. Wear wrinkle-free clothes
Iron your clothes properly and free of wrinkles. Store your clothes properly to prevent wrinkles. If you can, buy fabrics that does not wrinkle easily.

So, always keep in mind, that simplicity is the best policy. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look slim.