During an earthquake, don’t hide under your furniture


The clearances under furniture will become much smaller when the ceiling collapses on it. Survival experts say that the best spot to hide during an earthquake is not under your furniture but the spot next to your furniture.

For example: If you are lying in a bed during an earthquake, quickly roll off the bed and drop down next to your bed. The bed will hold up some of the debris and will create a safe void around its perimeter. And you can use this void for your own protection. Never hide under your bed.

Things you should do during an earthquake:

  • Hide next to any strong furniture that will create a void around it.
  • Drop onto your hands and knees.
  • Curl up in a fetal position to protect your vital organs. Babies, cats, and dogs often curl up in this fetal position. It is a natural survival instinct.
  • Cover your head and neck with your hands.
  • If there is no furniture in the room, crawl next to an interior wall which does not have a window.