Fidget spinners are not as helpful as marketers claim



As the name “fidget spinner” suggests, it’s a small hand spinning toy. It makes use of a bearing in the center to help with the spinning mechanism. This bearing could be made of plastic, brass, copper, stainless steel and titanium. It can have a two or three arms.

Especially from 2017, marketers started selling these gadgets extensively advertising them as stress relief toys. Marketers claim that this toy is designed to help those who have trouble focusing on one task. And they claim that it is for very helpful for people with autism, ADHD or anxiety disorders.

These spinners were invented in the early 1990s, but they became a popular stress relief toy only in the recent days. Many school children started using these toys in classrooms as they believe that this may help them concentrate. As a result of this, most schools have now started banning fidget spinners as they felt that these toys became a distraction.

Many experts claim that the toy is actually more distracting than helping them. Some argue that fidget spinners can actually help them concentrate. While people stay divided on this claim, fidget spinners continue to be marketed as a popular stress relief toy. As of now, there is no scientific evidence to prove the usefulness of fidget spinners.