Speed up the slow loading Downloads folder in Windows



Does your Downloads folder take forever to load? The following steps apply to Windows x64/x86 OS’s only.

Right-click the Downloads folder and click Properties.

You will see a dialog box pop out like this.

Go to the Customize tab on the opened dialog box.

You will see a drop-down box with a label Optimize the folder for:

Change that setting to General items in the drop-down box.

Click OK. Now, your Downloads folder will load quicker than it was before.

Note: This is only a temporary fix. Windows will re-categorize the Downloads folder to Pictures again after some time. So, check the above settings if your Downloads folder starts to load slowly after a while.

A more suitable fix is to move all your downloaded files to separate folders and optimize the folders appropriately for documents, pictures, music, and videos. I never leave any downloaded files in the downloads folder, I always move them to an appropriate location right away.