Take a photo of your luggage before checking in at airport




This saved me once! Take a photo of your luggage and its contents after you pack them.

In case you lost your luggage, it will be very easy to show the picture to the baggage claims representative at the airport.

According to a 2011 survey, nearly 26 million checked bags went missing that year alone. So it is better to be prepared to deal with a lost bag.

Here are few more tips that can save your luggage:

  • Remove all old baggage tags that are hanging around your bag handles. Old tags will confuse the barcode scanner and your bag might end up at the wrong destination. So, always remove these tags after every trip.
  • Always keep a copy of your itinerary and contact information in all your bags.
  • Customise your bag and make it look different. It will be easy for you to identify your bag and will make sure that other customers won’t pick up your bag my mistake.