Transfer files between PC and Android via Wi-Fi without internet



Yes, you read it right. A completely offline way to transfer files between your PC and Android directly via Wi-Fi, thus eliminating the need for a USB cable or an internet connection. And no, it’s not AirDroid or AirMore becayse they both require an internet connection to work.

Transfer of files over Wi-Fi offline
You can achieve this using Server Message Block (SMB). SMB is a common file transfer protocol for providing shared access to files and printers in Windows PCs. It allows users on the same network to share files locally.

  • For this to work properly, make sure you have set proper permissions for the shared directory/drive on your PC. It took me an awful lot of time to fix the permissions issue and actually make it connect. But once, connected, it’s a breeze to transfer files at ease. You never have to do this again.

  • If you haven’t enabled sharing before on your PC, you can do so by going to:
    Control Panel > Network and Internet > Networking and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings. Turn on network discovery. Also, you will have to enable sharing for the respective folders you would like to share files with.

  • Once you have shared the folder, you can access it from your Android with any FTP/SMB clients available from the app store.

  • In this tutorial, we have used AndSMB client.

  • Before you do this, make sure both your PC and smartphone are connected to the same Wireless access point.

  • Download and install the SMB client in your smartphone.

  • Once installed, go to the SMB client’s settings page and enter your PC’s IP address in the hostname field followed by your PC username and password.

  • Enter the path of shared directories on your smartphone and PC within which you want to share files.

  • Once you have entered the path of respective directories. Click Save.

  • If you want to share files from PC, you have to enable sharing from whichever directories you wish to share.

  • If you want to share files from the smartphone, you can upload directly to a shared directory from the SMB app.

  • Once both directories (PC and smartphone) are synchronized, now you can download/upload files and folders. You can also rename, delete, get file details, create folders, open local and remote files.