Turn your PowerPoint slide into a blackboard or a whiteboard



This comes in handy when you are planning to give a PowerPoint presentation and you want to draw or write in the background in-between your presentation.

  • Press B on your keyboard to instantly turn your screen black, creating a blackboard.
  • Press W on your keyboard to instantly turn your screen white, creating a whiteboard.

Now you can write on the blank background. To resume your presentation press B or W again.

Alternatively, you can also right-click anywhere on the presentation, point to Screen and then select Black Screen or White Screen. And once you are done, again right-click to select Screen and then Unblack Screen or Unwhite Screen.

For tablets and other touchscreen devices, there is usually a blackout slide icon provided in the right-hand corner of the screen depending on the version of PowerPoint.


You can also press the . key to black out the powerpoint presentation. Pressing . again will resume the slideshow.