Use paper towels to keep your cast-iron pans rust free

  • After cooking, clean your cast-iron pan by adding some salt and scrub it nicely with a rough sponge.
  • Wash it with hot water if that’s possible.
  • After washing, heat the pan and let it dry off all moisture from the surface.
  • Once it has dried, pour a teaspoon of oil and wipe the pan nicely with a clean paper towel.
  • Keep rubbing until the whole surface of the pan has been covered with oil including its inside walls.
  • Now, turn over to the clean side of the paper towel or take a new paper towel and start wiping the oil off the cast-iron pan.
  • Once the oil has been wiped off the pan, place it on the stove and heat it again until the oil layer starts smoking.
  • Then turn it off, let it cool on the stove and then you can store the pan away.

The main reason for heating the pan again is to prevent the oil layer from getting rancid. I know cleaning and seasoning your cast-iron pan seems like a lot of work but once taken care of, a cast iron pan could last you a lifetime.